LEDE User Guide

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Alternate NTP servers:

Adblocking services:

DDNS services:

Media Services:

  • DLNA Server - Your Smart-TVs can stream Music, Video, Pictures from your LEDE device (recommended: device with >8MB Flash)

NAS services (network attached storage): To serve files from your LEDE device, you have to first setup an external storage drive

You can expose this drive in the local network via AFP (for Apple clients), SMB (for Windows clients) and/or NFS (for Linux clients):

VPN services:

Parental Controls:

LEDE is based on OpenWrt. A lot of the operational aspects of the two projects are identical.
Several former OpenWrt documentation content has not yet been added to this site.
If you can't find answers on this LEDE documentation for some of your questions, try a peek on the OpenWrt wiki as well.