The current master branch is regularly processed by a buildbot setup and the resulting images can be found on

Find out which firmware to download for your device.

Please refer to the file signing documentation to learn how to verify the integrity of the firmware downloads.

LEDE has a number of buildbot computers building releases. You can find the Buildbot activity in the following links:

The master LEDE source code repositories reside on the LEDE Project git server:

The LEDE Project keeps a mirror of the master repository on Github at:

The contents of the download server are available on several mirrors as well. Please refer to the list below for alternative locations.

Germany HTTP - FTP rsync:// Sponsored by RWTH Aachen
Romania HTTP - FTP rsync:// Sponsored by RCS&RDS
France HTTP - - rsync:// Sponsored by
Netherlands HTTP - FTP rsync:// by the SNT, University of Twente
Washington State, US HTTP HTTPS - - Sponsored by
Singapore HTTP HTTPS FTP rsync:// by Andrew Yong

How to mirror

Please use rsync:// to obtain a copy of the download repository.

Syncing the downloads share every 12 to 24 hours hours is ideal. Once a mirror has been set up, feel free to announce it at so that it can be published on this page.

The data volume of the snapshots is roughly 35GB, we expect it to grow by 30-40GB with each release. Due to current bandwidth constraints we kindly ask you to use something like rsync --bwlimit 8000 when initially pulling the data.


Any source code archives fetched by the buildbots during the build process are available at